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Great Wall International Debit Card (GWI Debit Card) Fees and Charges and Transaction Limits Table(Date at 14 Jan 2019)


Card Type: Classic Card, Student Card, Gold Card
Application Fee
Annual fee Free
Issue a new card and a new password (your PIN) when a new account is opened Free
Renewal card ( with a new password – your PIN) when the card is expired Free
Replacement Card Fee Free
Re-issue of a password – your PIN Free
Cancellation of card ( This fee applies when you request the Bank to cancel the card within 6 month from the date when the card was first issued AUD10.00/card
Australian Domestic Transaction Fees
Withdrawals and balance enquiries from any ATM in Australia Free
POS  terminal transactions in Australia Free
Overseas Transaction Fees
Mainland China UP  branded ATM or 'Bank of China' branded ATMs balance enquiries Free
UP branded ATM or Bank of China' branded ATMs withdrawals CNY20.00 plus 2% of the transaction value in CNY or equivalent amount of AUD for each withdrawal*
POS terminals transaction Free
Other countries and regions (not including Australia) UP branded ATMs balance enquiries Free
UP branded ATM withdrawals AUD 3.00 plus 2% of the transaction value equivalent in AUD or equivalent amount in CNY for each withdrawal*
POS terminals transactions 2% of the transaction value equivalent in AUD or equivalent amount in CNY for each withdrawal*
Transaction Limit Classic Card Student Card Gold Card
Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit AUD 1,000.00/card AUD 1,000.00/card AUD2,000.00/card
CNY 5,000.00/card CNY 5,000.00 /card CNY 10,000.00 /card
Daily POS Transaction Limit AUD 5,000.00 /card AUD 1,000.00 /card AUD 10,000.00 /card
CNY 30,000.00 /card CNY 5,000.00 /card CNY 60,000.00 /card
Any account that is linked to your debit card can be used to make payments to your Bank of China (Australia) Ltd credit card account (if you have one) via Internet Banking (including mobile banking) at the Bank of China official website at (if you have subscribed for the facility), subject to the daily transaction limits as follows:
Daily Transaction Limit
AUD 10,000.00 /card AUD 10,000.00 /card AUD 10,000.00 /card

*The foreign currency equivalent will be determined at the time that the transaction occurs. The foreign currency conversion will be conducted by China UnionPay or us and the foreign exchange rate will also be determined by China UnionPay or us. The rate varies from time to time.

*Up branded ATM means an ATM that bears the ‘UnionPay’ brand/symbol on the ATM.

POS means a point-of-sale electronic banking facility available at retail or wholesale outlets. In Australia, POS includes Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale (EFTPOS)