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Corporate Fixed Term Deposit Account


Corporate fixed term deposit refers to the deposit made by corporate customers for a certain period. The deposit term shall be specified in the agreement between the corporate customers and Bank of China. When the deposit is withdrawn upon maturity, the interest shall be calculated in accordance with the interest rate agreed on the deposit date. Bank of China (Europe) S.A Brussels Branch accepts corporate fixed term deposit in currencies such as EUR, USD, CNY and others.


1- Higher interest rate than current saving deposit

2- Terms of the deposit provided: one month, three months, six months and one year, or other terms agreed by both parties.

3- Free account management fee.

4- Automatic renewal on maturity or full withdrawal in advance is available according to the fixed term deposit agreement.

Target Customers

Corporate Customers


Corporate customers shall submit the written application form for opening the fixed term deposit with a certain amount of money deposited in.

Required Documents

For customers who have opened the current saving accounts at Bank of China (Europe) S.A. Brussels Branch, no extra documents are required.

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