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L/C Advice


L/C Advice


Advice of L/C means the notification of the received L/C or its amendments to the beneficiary by Bank of China Brussels Branch.


The product can help the beneficiary (exporter) under the L/C receive the L/C or its amendment in time after their authenticity is verified.


The charges are subject to the charging principle and rate stipulated in the relevant rules of Bank of China Brussels Branch.

Target Customers

Beneficiary under L/C (exporter).

Application Qualifications

1. The applicants shall hold the business license legally approved, registered and annually checked as well as other valid certificates sufficient to prove the legitimacy and scope of operation;

2. The qualification of import and export operation.


1. After Bank of China Brussels Branch receives the L/C or its amendment, it will verify the authenticity by checking the specimen stamp or test key before delivering it to the beneficiary via letter/mail;

2. Bank of China Brussels Branch will notify the beneficiary the L/C or its amendments, advise the beneficiary of potential risks in the L/C terms.

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