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Coporate Trade Finance and Overseas Inverstment and Financing Consulting Service


As the economic globalization deepens, international trade is featured by the extensive involvement, complicated links, and rapid evolvement. Customers may encounter numerous difficulties in choosing the trade partners, determining the payment and settlement methods, designing the financing plan, and defending against potential risks. At the same time, China strives to promote the "going out" strategy, a great number of large Chinese enterprises started their overseas investment and financing activities. However, due to lack of understanding in overseas financial markets, regulatory and tax policies, they have to pay high cost for investment and financing risks.

Bank of China is the most internationalized banking group in China, with the global integrated business network and leading advantages in international trade, overseas investment and global financing. Bank of China now boosts an array of excellent international finance talents, advanced IT network and technologies, as well as rich experience in international trade settlement, global investment and financing. In addition, Bank of China attaches great importance to the Netherlands as its one of the most important investment and financing hubs in the world. With unique advantages in supervision, taxation in the Netherlands, our Bank tailors a package of value-added corporate finance services, including credit investigation, country risk evaluation, L/C clauses planning, exchange rate risk management, investment and financing scheme planning, building of reasonable tax avoidance structure, and negotiation and consultation for corporate customers in need of international trade and cross-border investment and financing services, to maximize the value of the corporate customers and assist them in the global business operation.

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