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Coporate Bond Guarantee


It refers to a financial service product that Bank of China issues letter of guarantee for enterprise-issued bonds (including convertible bonds) by its good credit, and provides joint and several guarantee for immediately repaying principal and interest of bonds at maturity.


Partial guarantee and full guarantee.

Target Customers

1. Independent enterprise legal persons registered in the territory of the People's Republic of China;

2. Enterprise with approval of competent departments for bond issue;

3. Business information condition complying with requirements of Bank of China;

4. Counter-guarantee conditions recognized by Bank of China upon request;

5. Other crediting conditions of our bank.

Required Documents

1. Basic materials: enterprise registration documents, audited financial statements, resolutions of board of directors and so on;

2. Project proposal, project feasibility study report and relevant permits;

3. Approval documents by competent departments on enterprise bonds issue;

4. Other information required by Bank of China.

Application Procedures

1. Customers provide specific information for the businesses;

2. Approval of our bank;

3. Customers and Bank of China sign relevant agreements after approval.


Agreement signed between customers and Bank of China.

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