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Financial Advisory


Corporate financial advisory is the fee-based advisory business catering for the development of market and corporation requirements in recent years, which mainly includes financial advisory for large construction projects and for corporate merger and acquisition (M & A).

Large construction project financial advisory refers that our bank provides professional programs for the financing structure, financing arrangements of large construction projects; corporate M & A financial advisory refers to the financial advisory services provided by our bank to the parties involved in corporate M & A. Our bank not only involves in corporate M & A, but also works as the sustainable development advisor, involving in corporate restructuring, capital replenishment, verification, and planning and operation for the restructuring matters of bankrupt corporations and those in trouble.

Perennial financial advisory refers that the bank provides advisory service for the sustainable development of corporations, and provides advisory services on banking laws and regulations, industry development, financial statement analysis, investment and financial activities for the corporate daily operation and management, and provides relevant comments and analysis based on domestic and foreign financial hotspot issues.


Bank of China's financial advisory includes advisory services concerning corporate investment and financing, project financing, M & A, asset restructuring/management, debt management, syndicated loan arrangement, corporate restructuring and listing, issuance of bonds and bills, management consulting, research and analysis, training and "diagnosis" for corporations, etc.


1. Analyze financial structure, and optimize financial arrangement;

2. Master trends of policies, regulations and market, and enhance operation and management capability;

3. Provide professional financial solutions, and expand financing channels.


The advisory fee is determined by the agreement of both parties.

Target Customers

There are no special requirements for customers accessing financial advisory. From the perspective of benefiting successful business operations, the proposed corporation should be the large and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, import and export enterprises, commercial enterprises or joint ventures with good operating and financial situation, good industry prospects, and a competitive edge in the industry.

Required Documents

Financial advisory involves a wide variety of projects, each of which has different requirements for documents, but typically includes following documents:

1. Application form for financial advisory services;

2. The enterprise (legal person) business license (copy) passed annual inspection;

3. Other relevant documents necessary for financial advisory services.


1. Marketing and promotion: Corporate business sector should base on customer demand or take the initiative to discover customer need, and organize the internal departments of the bank to provide financial advisory services to enterprises.

2. Sign the agreement.

3. Provide advisory services.

4. Post service evaluation. Corporate business sector and customers should carry out a summary on financial advisory every six months.


In the process of providing financial advisory service for the integration project of a Sino-foreign petrochemical joint venture, Bank of China completed the following tasks excellently:

1. Developed a financing model, analyzed the financing feasibility of the project and related financing risks.

2. Deeply investigated and studied the financing market environment, and designed a low-cost, high operational project financing structure for the project owners based on market conditions.

3. Conducted a review for the major business contracts of the project, and made appropriate recommendations so as to make the business contracts meet the need of the designed financing structure.

4. Communicated with all financial institutions to identify potential sources of financing and obtain financing intent letter.

5. Assisted project owners in writing and submitting the feasibility study report, and assisted owners to communicate with relevant national departments, in order to promote the project approval process.

With the good cooperation of the Sino-foreign owners and Bank of China, the above project was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission smoothly and successfully, and the financing is closed with the right of limited recourse financing structure.

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