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Term Deposit Account


Term Deposit Account


Term deposit account is a type of savings deposit offered with three term options: three months, six months, and one year, allowing customers to choose based on their needs.


1. Currency types including EUR, USD, and RMB;

2. Automatic renewal at maturity and early full/partial withdrawal allowed;

3. Personal e-Banking service available;

4. Higher interest rates compared to current deposit;

5. No additional account management fees.

Target Customers

Any customer with valid identification can apply for this service.


Customers with an existing account at our bank can directly apply for a Term Deposit Account in the desired currency without any additional procedures.

New customers need to present valid identification documents to open an account. After verifying the application materials and relevant documents, we will open the Term Deposit Account in the chosen currency and process the deposit.

Required Identity Documents

1. Belgian citizens: valid Belgian ID card and proof of address.

2. Non-Belgian EU citizens: valid EU country ID card and proof of address.

3. Non-EU citizens: valid passport, residence permit and proof of address.

Friendly Reminder

1. Early withdrawal is allowed but the interest rate on the funds withdrawn will be calculated at the current deposit rate instead;

2. The minimum deposit amount for non-RMB term deposits is 5,000 currency units (e.g., USD, Euro);

3. The minimum deposit amount for RMB term deposits is 15,000 RMB.

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