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Certificate of Deposit


Certificate of Deposit


The bank can issue certificates of deposit in the account designated by the individual customers (for self-funded study abroad, visa extension, immigration application, visiting relatives, traveling abroad and other purposes).

Target Customers

All customers of the bank.


1. Customers can submit written application at the bank; customers who have signed fax authorization agreement with the bank can also submit application by fax;

2. Certificates can be issued after the bank identifying the customer signature and verifying the account balance.

Required Documents

1. Belgium citizens: Belgium ID card or original passport within the valid period;

2. Non-Dutch EU citizens: EU ID card or original passport within the valid period;

3. Non-EU citizens: original passport or residence permit within the valid period.


1. In principle, the balance shown in the certificate of deposit is the effective balance in the customer's account one working day before issuing the certificate;

2. The bank will issue the certificate of deposit according to the currency of the customer's account;

3. The certificate of deposit can not serve as financial guarantee, and it shall not be transferred or pledged;

4. The bank will not handle loss report of certificate of deposit, and the handling fees will not be returned.

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